Easy Tips to Grow Hair, Fast!

Typically, hair grows half an inch per month, these tips will help you almost cheat your way into naturally long beautiful hair, growing it three times the length it typically would in a month!

Split Ends:

Start off by trimming any split ends off. Most believe that if you trim your hair, it’ll do the opposite, make your hair shorter. In reality, trimming these split ends prevent your hair from splitting all the way up the shafts and breaking off. Having extremely bad split ends can cause your hair to become shorter if anything, and thus preventing its growth.


Bleaching your hair can actually cause the moisture of the hair to escape and cause the ends of the hair to become brittle. It’s best to avoid bleach treatments of any kind whilst trying to grow your hair.


Many turn to extensions for an instant way of achieving long beautiful hair, which is completely wrong. Over time, extensions that are glued in, or that are sewn in through braids can cause weight on the follicles and cause them to stunt growth.  Sticking to clip in extensions during the process of growing your hair out would be favorable.


Experts believe that by just having biotin in your diet, which can be found in food such as eggs, avocados, salmon, cauliflower, spinach, and more, can cause hair to grow thicker and healthier. The hair itself consists of keratin, biotin is made up of amino acids which are then converted into keratin, thus making it a great vitamin to help grow healthy luscious hair, quickly!


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